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High accuracy, long life and good anti-toxicity

Fast response, fast return to zero, plug and play

Easy to use, UART digital signal output

With fixed mounting holes for easy installation

German sensors are durable and reliable

Excellent accuracy, repeatability, linearity and consistency

Sleep design for low power IOT applications

Independent temperature and humidity digital sensor output

RoHS environmental design


Product Overview

    TB600B series TVOC module has many high-precision detection technologies from Sensor and circuit team together. The sensor uses the world's smallest solid polymer sensor from EC Sense, Germany. It can replace our nose to sniff out the gas concentration accurately, and realize accurate gas detection. The module uses UART digital output, make easy for customer use, eliminating the need for customers to understand the sensor application and the tedious work of calibration.

Structure Diagram



Solid Polymer Electrochemical Sensing Technology

Part number


Detection of gas

TVOC Organic Volatile Gases

Detection range

0 - 10ppm;   Best detection range: within 5ppm;   Display resolution: 0.001ppm

Lowest Detection Limit


Full-scale accuracy error

±5% F.S

Settling time

Stored in clean air for the first time power on <120 seconds

Storage in non-clean air for the first power-on <240 seconds (except in the presence of high concentrations of polluted gas)

Response time

<3 seconds ( T50: <40 seconds; T90: <80 seconds; T100: <180 seconds;)

Return zero time

10ppm return to zero (below 0.03ppm) <80 seconds (return to zero in a relatively clean environment requiring ventilation)

5ppm return to zero (below 0.03ppm) <120 seconds (return to zero in a relatively clean environment requiring ventilation)

Calibration substance

10ppm measurement range: 5ppm is obutene C4H8 gas calibration;

Note: The smaller the range is, the higher the detection accuracy is. It is not recommended that users use it beyond the range.

Sensor life expectancy

More than three years in Relatively clean air, temperature 0-25 ° C, humidity 30-70% (Sensor life will be reduced if often exposed to corrosive gas, high temperature environment and <20% low humidity environment)

Indoor environment TVOC

Class I civil construction works ≤ 0.50 mg / m3; Class II civil construction works ≤ 0.60 mg / m3

Relative temperature error

± 0.2℃

Relative humidity error

± 2%


3.3V UART digital signal (see below for communication protocol)

Interface definition: VCC- red, GND- black, RX- yellow, TX- green;

Baud rate: 9600     Data bits: 8 bits     Stop bits: 1 bit;

Get data command

Communication has active upload and Q & A mode. The default mode is Q & A mode after poweron. You can use instructions to switch between the two modes.

Or Q & A mode is restored by power off or switch power mode

See next page for details

Working voltage

3.3 - 5.5V DC

Working current

< 5mA

Power consumption

25mW @ 5V DC


Full range 10ppm ± 1% is the normal range

Working temperature

0-40℃ , storage temperature -20-55℃ (with temperature compensation, suitable for indoor use, if applied in outdoor or industrial environment, it is recommended that customers choose TB200B series industrial grade module -40-55℃ )

Optimal working temperature

20 - 35℃

Working humidity

15% - 95% RH. (Non-condensing)

Optimum working humidity

40 - 70% RH.

Working pressure

Atm ± 10%

Board size

23 x 25.5 x 10.2mm (with sensor)

Board size

23 x 25.5 x 4.85mm (without sensor)



Signal cable

The standard length see chart, if you have special requirements can be customized



Testing Report 






Product Application

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